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The Stuff of Truth: A Wedding Poem for Trevor and Leah

This is not the stuff of fairy tales
or of child’s play.
This is the stuff of truth.
Of sweat,
of tears,
of laughter and joy;
this is the salt of the earth.

It is buried in bone,
it is planted in the soul.
This is faith,
this is hope,
and this is love.

It is what was in store for you all along,
and though there was no proof,
still faith remained.

In anticipation,
it is what you waited for,
and with all expectations stripped away,
still hope remained.

In waiting there is growth,
and throughout the search,
much to learn.
But now when the wait has come to an end,
still love remains.

We know not of real faith
but for faith in God.
We know not of pure hope
but for the hope that Jesus brings.
And we know not of true love
but for Christ’s love for us.

So now the search is over.
Now a new life begins.
A life if beauty
and of mess.
And in the moments in between,
with sweat and tears,
with laughter and joy,
you’ll find the salt of the earth.

And always, these three will remain:
And love.
But the greatest if these
is Love.

© Shannon Lepine 2013

Inspiration came from 1 Corinthians 13:13

This poem was written for my dear friends Trevor and Leah, and was read for them on their wedding day – August 9, 2013.

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